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Are you involved with ORANZ?

Posted 15th October 2019

ORANZ have had a few rule changes that come into place at the beginning of 2019. Below in red are the rule changes off the ORANZ website http://www.oranz.co.nz/information/rule-book/, and how TransQuip is able to help you out with these.


‘All vehicles must be fitted with at least one rear facing blue solid or strobing LED light. This light must be connected in such a manner that it illuminates automatically at all times while the engine is running. The dust light lens must have a minimum area of 60cm2. Must be visible from an angle of 45 degrees either side of the longitudinal axis of the vehicle. Multiple lights of a smaller diameter may be mounted immediately adjacent to each other to achieve a result, e.g 2 x 30cm2 lights. Solid amber dust lights can remain on the rear.

The light must be sufficiently bright to the satisfaction of the Scrutineer/Tagger or CTO Orange flashing rearward facing lights are to be used on Track or Roving Marshal vehicles only.


Take a look at our blue directional flashing light – the #9116B. This is a small high intensity light head which can be synchronised to flash together - simultaneously or alternatively. It meets the SAE class 1 standard and is tough and reliable so will keep up to speed on the track. Its size is 132mm long x 49mm wide x 19mm high which is just over the required 60cm2.

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All vehicles competing in Enduro events must be fitted with a forward-facing solid white spotlight with a minimum sized lamp of 50W or equivalent LED’s (approx. 400 Lumens).’


We can sort you for this to, we have a range of different worklights as seen here. Our most popular is the #4730S. It is 1300 lumens with a tough alloy housing, and stainless steel swivel mounting bracket. Head size is 115mm diameter. Standard model comes with 2 mounting plates also, so it can be flat mounted. It is waterproof IP67 and radio interference free, so perfect for the racing track.

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