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Check Your Trailer is Up to Scratch

Posted 30th August 2018

New Zealand is a nation of many trailers! We love to hook them up for work, weekend jobs and holidays away.  In fact there are over 700,000 trailers in NZ!!! However like anything on the road - there are many rules and regulations around trailers and their use. We have developed a comprehensive range of light trailer gear to make it easier for you to keep your trailer up to scratch, and have even put together the following checklists to help you when building, repairing and towing your trailer. 

Building or Repairing a Trailer?

Below is a list parts you will need to build or repair a trailer. Check you have all the parts you need! If you don't we may be able to help. Browse our website https://www.transquip.co.nz/Products/Commercial-Vehicle-Parts-Light-Trailer-Parts-Accessories/ , call us on 0508 31 31 31 or email sales@transquip.co.nz

  • Tow ball
  • Backing guide
  • Coupling (standard, hydraulic, electric, mechanical)
  • Coupling Lock
  • Safety Chain & Shackle (on trailer)
  • Safety Chain Attachment (on towing vehicle)
  • Winch
  • Jockey Wheel
  • Electric Plug(s)
  • Electric Cable
  • Plug Holder
  • Hub / Stub set (standard or braked option)
  • Brakes (hose kit, bundy tube, cable kit, electrical switches etc)
  • Mudguards (single, tandem)
  • Springs (single, tandem)
  • Rims / Tyres
  • Tailgate Hardware (Latches, hinges, springbolts)
  • Lamps (Tail lights, number plate lights, clearance lights)
  • WOF / Rego Holder


Run through this quick checklist to help you stay safe and legal.

  • Wheelbearings condition
  • Lights; operation and condition
  • Towball / coupling sizes compatible
  • Brakes condition and operation
  • Suspension and structure condition
  • Intended travel route OK for towing vehicles
  • Towing vehicle has sufficient towing capacity
  • Trailer being towed not over weight
  • Current WOF
  • Current Registration
  • Secure load
  • Projecting loads marked
  • Tyres in good condition
  • Tyre pressure OK

Also Remember: The maximum open road speed of vehicles towing a simple trailer is limited to 90kph. Drivers also need to obey any lower speed limits set for particular roads. (Subject to current NZ Regulations)

It is also a good idea to check road conditions before you depart. Two websites that can help are https://www.aa.co.nz/travel/roadwatch/  or http://www.journeys.nzta.govt.nz/traffic

We hope your trailer is up to scratch in no time and if you are taking it travelling on holiday then have an excellent holiday!