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Eliminate Blind Spots to Reverse Safely

Posted 26th April 2019

Your blind spot when you are reversing can be deadly. Although rear view mirrors and reversing beepers are designed to help minimise the risk, there is something very comforting in actually seeing where you are reversing – and seeing is the only real safe option! Reversing cameras can eliminate your blind spot.

Advancements in technology have made a huge difference to the rear view cameras available. Cameras now produce better and clearer images, and have a wider view. Add to this the monitors ability to adjust the picture contrast, colour, brightness and more.

One issue for the commercial vehicle industry has been sourcing an electronic system that will stand up to vibration, dust, and moisture. Consider the demanding conditions that these can be required in – adverse weather that may be hot, cold, windy, raining or even snowing! Then add to the mix a machine that operates with jolting movements, engine vibrations, and the dust and grit associated with doing its job. Chuck in an electronic device like a reversing camera that has to cope with this, and be accurate to provide a clear picture so the operator can work quickly and safety…

Reversing Camera on Truck        reversing camera screen

A lot of research went into the Sentinel heavy duty rear view camera kits supplied by TransQuip, and they have proven themselves in the New Zealand market as a reliable option in these demanding conditions. There are various options including the popular #4484 kit which can take 2 cameras and views one camera at a time, or the #4486 quad kit which can take up to 4 cameras and show multiple views at once.

Safety Reversing Camera