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Gullwing Tool Boxes - Keep your gear Secure & Tidy

Posted 30th August 2019

Stay organised as the days get longer... 

As the weather warms up & we get ready to change the clocks on the 29th September, our days subconsciously get longer! Which in turn means we get less time to take a breather. As spring begins we get that efficient, be-tidy feel about things as well, which helps you to be organised so when you do have down time, you can enjoy it!

To help you out we have a range of quality made tool boxes that can have draws and shelves fitted. A great way to tidy up your tools & have everything where you need it - when you need it! This range will give you peace of mind, knowing your gear is safely locked up and will be where you left it the night before!

Ute with toolbox
  • Quality pinch weld rubber seals for long lasting protection from the weather and dust so your tools are kept dry and clean out in the weather. Other toolboxes have a glued on seal which comes off over time
  • Quality gas struts connected to full width cross beam on the door to stop warping and twisting  
  • Piano hinges so the load distribution is even, allowing the lid to maintain its alignment with the box
  • 2 T-Paddle handle locks to keep your gear secure. Made of 304 stainless steel. Includes 2 Keys
  • Draws and shelves available to keep your gear tidy
  • Aluminium or steel options available 
What is the difference between aluminium and steel?


  • Lighter option to keep weight down, for example the TA1200 are only 32kg ea
  • Won’t Rust


  • Heavy duty to take the knocks but weigh more – the TS1200 weighs 70kg ea
  • Cheaper option then Alloy
Gullwing toolbox with draws and shelves



  • Rubber draw linings - Prevents your tools from sliding around when in transit
  • Easy to use latches to keep draws securely shut
  • Quality sliding drawers
Toolbox Draws



Draws with quality hinges
Rubber mat in draw
Shut Draw










Shelves -

  • You can insert them so there is a ledge around the edge, so your tools say on the shelf when in transit
  • Sizes available so they can fit with or without the draws


Check out our range of Steel Toolboxes and get yours today

Now with your gear secure, you can relax and enjoy that barbecue....

We can almost smell it!