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Halogen vs LED Beacon Flashing Lights Video

Posted 23rd January 2019

Watch our video to see how we have tested them side by side, both the dark and in daylight.

LED vs Halogen Beacon

LED Beacon:

  • Very bright
  • Light is refracted very widely, this means it spreads the light beam out over a very wide beam pattern which makes it easier to see from a wider range of angles
  • No moving parts or filaments to blow – so it has a very long life span

Halogen Beacon:

  • The bulb is only bright where the filament of the halogen bulb is burning. This is then reflected out by a rotating reflector, so this tends to have a smaller ‘bright spot’ of light
  • Driven by an electric motor and rubber belts which rotate the reflector
  • The bulbs are prone to blowing, which can cause expensive downtime

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