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Have you heard of Big Wipes?

Posted 28th March 2019

The best wipes on the market!

If you are tired of wipes that spread more mess around than they tidy up, or wipes that are ruining your hands? The solution is here... BIG WIPES!


These cleaning wipes can remove so many substances, very quickly and effectively. Take a look at the big wipe video demoing how these wipes really do work!

Do you want to know what is really unique about the big wipe? The are... 4X power cleansers : 4X skin conditions : advanced fabric technology : dermatologically tested : EU cosmetics directive : preservative free : biodegradable formula.

The DIY trend is being credited with the booming popularity of a unique cleansing product in New Zealand. Since being introduced to this market last year, Big Wipes has literally cleaned up. Big Wipes grew to become Europe’s leading brand of cleansing wipes over the last decade for its ability to remove oil, paint, tar and even glue from hands safely and hygienically. And now it is taking off in a big way in New Zealand.

“Big Wipes is the perfect answer to removing hard-to-shift grime, grease, paint and glue especially for those with sensitive skin, because of its unique formulations. That means it can be safely used by people suffering with dermatitis or other skin conditions.”

The industrial-strength, multi-purpose cleaning wipe was initially targeted at commercial and industrial users, and when Big Wipes was accepted into large retail chains, it soon became a hit with home handymen and women, not just because it is effective, but also because it comes in convenient packs and is less messy than jars of cleanser – they can even be kept in the car for cleaning up on the run.

Big Wipes are made from a tough, biodegradable, dual-sided fabric impregnated with a unique cleansing formula that is designed to remove a wide range of ‘nasty’ substances from hands and faces, without harming the skin – no water or other cleansing agent required. They’re effective against:
• Paint (oil, water, hammer finish) & varnish
• Adhesives (includes tapes), PUR & instant grab adhesives
• Silicone
• Bitumen & tar
• Epoxy fillers & grouts
• PU expanding foam
• Oil & grease
• Ink & permanent markers
• General grime etc

Big Wipes contain a fully biodegradable cleaning formula that complies with all the latest EU Cosmetics Standards and is dermatologically tested, anti-bacterial and contains skin conditioners Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. It has also been approved for use by people who suffer with dermatitis and has been tested to show 99% effectiveness against MRSA, C.Dif, E-Coli 157, Weils (from rats), Salmonella, Staphylococcus and Listeria.

On one side is a Scrub Face to help remove grime faster. This is created by putting the fabric through a second production process to bond heavy-duty fibres to create a super-tough cloth that loosens even the most stubborn products and assists with the removal of drying paints, heavy-duty adhesives and PU foam, which can be the most difficult to shift.

On the flip side of the cloth is a Smooth Face, designed to soak up the muck. It, too, has been subjected to a special treatment process that improves the absorption powers of the fabric, ensuring a super clean finish and better care of sensitive skin.

Another bonus with using Big Wipes is that it makes messy sinks and stained hand towels, associated with traditional chemical cleaners, a thing of the past. Once they have done their job Big Wipes can be easily disposed of in the bin.

It’s not just hands that can benefit from Big Wipes. It is just as effective in removing paint, oil grease, adhesives and other muck from floors, benches and other work surfaces, making Big Wipes even handier around the workplace and home workshop or when painting and renovating.

Do you want to give them a go? 

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