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Health & Safety Adds Value to Your Business

Posted 30th August 2018

If you could save money, improve productivity, and increase employee morale, would you?

New Zealand businesses spend $3 billion per year on costs associated with occupational injuries and illnesses. These are expenditures that come straight out of company profits. But workplaces that establish health and safety procedures can reduce their injury and illness costs by 40%. Therefore businesses operate more efficiently when they implement effective health and safety procedures. Injuries and illnesses increase workers' compensation and retraining costs, absenteeism, and faulty product. They also decrease productivity, morale, and profits of the company. Safe worksites provide the consistency and reliability needed to help a team work together and grow a business. Worksites with active safety programs have fewer injuries, and are often rated “better places to work,” with more satisfied, and productive employees. These employees also tend to return to work more quickly after an injury or illness and produce higher-quality products and services. 

Your employees deserve to be safe, your customers expect it and your business practices demand it - so let us help you out and get you up to scratch with the real gear you need, real fast. TransQuip is committed to seeing NZ businesses get fitted out with the safety equipment they need to keep their workers safe, comfortable and compliant. You can browse our wide range of safety gear on our website by clicking here …

Check out our Basic Entrance Checklist  to make a start on kitting out your worksite and see if your workplace is safety compliant…

TransQuip provides an ever expanding range of health and safety equipment that helps add value to your business, workplace, and employees’ quality of life. If you want to find out if you’ve done all you can to promote good health and safety practices amongst your workers, feel free to call us on 0508 31 31 31 or email sales@transquip.co.nz for some expert help and we’ll see to it you’re fitted out with all you need in no time!

TransQuip can help take the guesswork out of workplace safety by providing the equipment and expertise that meets your worksite’s unique safety needs.