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Manhole Trench Shoring

Posted 29th January 2019

When it comes to construction projects, employee safety is always the number one priority. One of the most dangerous situations on any construction site is when workers are working in a trench, which can be some meters deep and in some cases many meters long. The biggest danger in these jobs is the walls caving in, trapping the workers under dirt and other materials.

While most people assume trenches are simply done to install pipes or other materials below ground, there are many other types of trenches dug to install such things as manholes. For these trenches, it’s just as important to ensure they are shored up in a safe fashion. Transquips’ Guardian Modular Panel System is ideal for manhole construction, when spaces can be tight and narrow and the threat of collapse very high. As not all manhole excavations are the same, various configurations can be designed and built using the different length panels and the ability to stack panels on top of each other. Each panel is a convenient 600mm high, however there are various lengths ranging from 1.2 – 3.0 metres long, which means square or rectangular boxes are possible.











As construction projects become more and more complex in the years ahead, safety will continue to be a primary concern for companies and those on the job. Using technology such as our Modular Panel System along with equipment and methods developed by civil and mechanical engineers will ensure more workers can be safe and sound when working in the trenches.

modular sheild down hole  20170927_175810.