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Reversing Alarm Options

Posted 9th August 2019

TransQuip sell a range of 6 different reversing alarms. To help you understand what you would need your applications or needs watch the video to find out the 3 main differences between the alarms.

Reversing Beeper Alarm Options


  1. Traditional tonal reversing alarms - make a single frequency or tone of noise. A common cause of noise complaints, especially in residential areas or at night.
  2. Broadband reversing alarms - produce a range of frequencies. They are also called squawkers or quackers. They product a beam of noise that is louder in one particular direction, so it can be faced towards the danger zone and is not so annoying in other areas. This alarm is often specified to be used on site, especially around residential areas.
  3. Self adjusting alarm - this comes in both the tonal sound or broadband sound. The beauty is that it adjusts itself to suit the surrounding noise level. When the surrounding noise gets louder the alarm gets louder.

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Is a #4460 self adjusting alarm waterproof? 

Check out the video below where we squirt down the little beast, it doesn't give up! 

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4460 Reversing Beeper_Waterproof Video_Water in full force_Final