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What kind of Flashing Lights are Best to Suit your Application?

Posted 30th August 2018

Find out what kind of flashing light you need... Is it a barlight, beacon or directional flashing light and how are you going to mount it?





Barlights are low-profile lights that flash 360º, which helps eliminate any blind spots. The smaller units can now put out a very bright light, while also reducing wind noise and the likelihood of damage than that of a bigger unit. Barlights come in a range of lengths from 248mm to 1.2 metres, with permanent or magnetic mounting options available. Barlights are now one of the most common style of flashing lights, as they are very versatile and are often used on Utes, trucks, excavators and cars. See our range. 


Flashing Beacons




Flashing Beacons are a more traditional shape, with a higher profile and a smaller footprint. These give a 360º coverage and are more visible when mounted on higher vehicles, when it needs to shine above other objects on the vehicle like truck decks, or Ute canopy’s. The smaller base also makes them more common for the likes of tractors, where they are typically mounted to the side of the cab. Permanent, magnetic, or pole mounting options are available. Beacons are most commonly used on excavators, tractors or oversize farm machinery. View them today. 


Direction Flashing Lights




Direction Flashing Lights are a smaller compact option which have a low profile, so are less likely to get knocked off or to protrude dangerously. They have tough polycarbonate lenses and are designed to flash in one direction with high intensity flashes. These lights can be synchronised to flash together or alternately. There are Amber, Red, Magenta, and White LED light options available. Direction flashing lights can be used on any vehicle but most commonly used in the grills or on the body of Utes and trucks. Take a look. 



Different Mounting Types






Permanent mounting options are ideal for fitting and wiring up with a switch inside the cab, so you can fit and forget. 






Magnetic mounting options are designed to be quickly fitted for temporary use. They come with a long cable and plug, to insert into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket. 

Pole Mount




Pole mount beacons are fitted onto a permanently mounted pole which has been wired up with a switch. They can be very quickly fitted or removed. They are ideal for applications where the beacon is not needed all the time - like for agriculture machinery which only requires a beacon when travelling on the road between paddocks.